Monday, October 10, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 23

Mindy: "GAH! Stupid youngins' dumping my garbage can over!"

Ainsley *Must win, must win*

Maverick: "Do you realize how weird everyone here is?"
Yes I do Maverick, I have known that since day one.

Little Lynus is out like a light.

Until his mommy wakes him up to uhmm... tickle him?

Hudson: "Soo, Mindy.. why do you think you are so much older than me?"
Mindy:    :|

The day for Mindy's departure has come, it came a lot sooner than expected. Mindy was a great mother, wife, role model and also loved the kids she had in her daycare, she will be missed so much by the Baudelaire family!

Liam: "Got to run away. Got. To. Run. Away."

Liam: "He's behind me isn't he??!!"

Hudson looks freaked out but Lilia has a strange blank and somewhat satisfied look on her face.

Grim Reaper: "Maverick Baudelaire... NEXT."
I don't think so!

Grim Reaper: "So Ainsley, since you're green like an alien do you like space and astrology?"
Ainsley "I don't see the connection."

Now this is just too creepy.
Lilia *stalks*

Hudson: "Whoa, what is this down here?!"

Hudson: "Ahhh! It's The Claw!"
Lynus *GASPS*

Hudson: "Hmmm... this kid stinks."

Nothing unusual about a ghost playing with a toy rocket, nothing at all, at least not in the Baudelaire household.

Ainsley: "You do see that, don't you Liam?"
Liam: "Yeah, sure. Just ignore it."

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