Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 64

It looks like the time has come for Lennox to age up! It seems like just yesterday she was born.

And the crazy parade has arrived! It's time to blow out some candles.

Lennox aged into a beautiful old lady, she has truly accomplished a lot and still has so much more to do! Don't think the gray hair and a few more wrinkles will slow her down.

Skyler: "So... did you like the cake?"
Rileh *Ignores*

Now that is the way to paint, in your underwear! Kieran is on her way to becoming a masterful painter just like her Uncle Lynus.

Skyler decided to work out to keep in shape, she has been eating a good bit of cake lately with all of the birthdays.

Brysen: "You see my hand? My hand has FIVE fingers.."

Lynus: "Haha, you are as old as me now."
Lennox: "Just shut up and go away."

Lanica lived way beyond the expected time, the Baudelaire's knew she couldn't live forever but they never prepared themselves for the loss.

Rest In Peace: Lanica Whiskers Baudelaire
A great kitty, a great friend to all Sims.
October 25, 2011 - December 23, 2011

The Baudelaire's didn't take her death very well.
Lynus: "NOOOOO!"

After Lanica passed the Baudelaire's wanted to get another cat to keep Boscoe and Bleeker company and to cheer themselves up.

Introducing, Pibble the kitty!

Pibble loves to sleep on all of the furniture, she's a lot like Lanica and has already made her place in the house.

She has also made a best friend, Bleeker and Pibble love each other, they spend a lot of time together.

Kitty Love

They spend most of the day just playing.

And then playing some more...

Random gnome gathering in the yard, those things have taken over.

Since Lennox aged up she spends most of her day relaxing and just enjoying the day outside, she has started fishing every day.

Bleeker still enjoys making a mess out of everything.

Pibble roams around all day looking for stuff to sleep on or crawl under.

Well well, what happened here? Pibble and Bleeker spent a little time in the house... kittens in the future?

Brysen: "Yes! Today is my birthday!"

Brysen: "Back off. MY birthday, MY cake."
We have some cake obsessed Sims in this house.

Hmmm.... where is everyone? Oh well, more cake for Brysen.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 63

Brysen loves his little girl.
Piper: "Get this crazy man away from me."

Brysen: "Ahhhhh!!!"
Piper: "Oh wow, he is definitely crazy. Act scared so he doesn't do it again."

The love between a father and daughter.

Well... who do we have here playing in his food?
Meet the newest member of the Baudelaire family, Bleeker!

So cute, so fluffy and such a loving kitty!

Bleeker loves to scratch everything.

And streeeeetch.

All of the pets are getting along, Bleeker is creepin'

The older Lynus and Lucy get the stronger their love gets, he may be crazy but she still loves him so much and Lucy is everything to Lynus.

Lennox loves to just start exercising whenever and wherever she can.

Piper is so adorable! A spitting image of Lennox.

Skyler decided that it was time to teach Piper the basics of talking, Piper just sat and stared while Skyler tried her best.

Bleeker loves making a bigger mess out of a mess that is already bad enough.

While Lennox freaks out.

Bleeker also loves to do his "dirty work" on the kitchen counter.

Kieran: "Eugh, cats are so gross sometimes."

I think the Baudelaire's will just make that Bleeker's designated counter so he can do all of his kitty things on it.

Bleeker has taken over the house.

Boscoe roams around all day, he always brings fleas home.

After Skyler finally taught Piper the basics of talking Brysen decided it was time to teach her to walk, it's so much for little Piper to learn in such a short amount of time.

Brysen: "Come to Daddy, you can make it!"

Brysen: "Almost there!"

After a long day learning to walk and talk Piper was so hungry, Brysen fixed her some dinner and she went straight to bed. 

Monday, December 26, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 62

After leaving Brysen and the rest of the family at home to freak out Kieran walked out of the hospital with a bouncing baby girl! I think the Baudelaire's are doomed to have only girls.

Introducing, Piper Baudelaire!

Skyler: "I finished all of my food, can we please have my birthday party now?"

Skyler: "I see all of you looking at my cake."

Poor Brysen, I think the craziness has officially rubbed off on him.

Here is the fun and crazy birthday parade! So many girls.

Skyler: "Yayyyyy!"
*Screams as loud as she can*

Skyler has turned into a beautiful young teenager, I can see so much of her Dad in her, a lot of Rileh too.

Rileh: "That's enough, get out of my face while I'm eating my cake."

Skyler is always holding baby Piper, she can't wait to have one of her own to love and hold, she's going to be a great mother.

Bethany: "Should I eat one of these burnt waffles someone left here on the counter?"

Bethany: "I don't think I should have."

Brysen: "Ooooh, water."
Kieran *Freaks Out*

Brysen: "I think someone is out there!"
Yes Brysen, someone IS out there and they ARE coming to get you.

Like uncle, like niece.

Lanica just passes out in the middle of the upstairs hallway all of the time.

While Boscoe makes a bigger mess with anything he can get his paws on.

Rileh: "Hmmmm... I'm not sure what I want to wish for."

Where is everyone? The birthday crowd is smaller than usual.

Jocelyn: "Make one more noise with that thing and I will..."

Jocelyn: "I have the most amazing evil plan. EVER."

Jocelyn: "Yes, by the time I am done with my evil plan, I will have world domination."

Jocelyn: "But first I must celebrate my birthday with cake!"

Birthday time for baby Piper! So many birthdays happened in two days!

Kieran: "Yay, my baby is growing up!"


The evil Miss Jocelyn is now a Young Adult and is ready to move out and get moving with her evil plan.

Here is the gorgeous baby Piper! She looks so much like her Grandma Lennox, I just love her!