Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 22 (Introducing Generation 5!)

The 5th generation Baudelaire is finally here!!! No, unfortunately he is not green skinned.
Introducing, Lynus Baudelaire!

Liam: "You said that is my baby?!"
Yes Liam, yes it is..

One word... WOW.

Maverick and Lilia seem to be getting closer and closer, they are so cute together!

Maverick: "Surprise! I got you some flowers on the way home from school, Lilia."

Lilia: "OH MY GOSH, my favorite!"
Priceless expression, right?

Ainsley decided to go on a walk after dark with her baby boy, Lynus.

And... Maverick moves in for the kiss!
He looks so nervous.

Ghost: "Can you shut the thing up?!"
Remember... you're dead, you don't have to be here.

Lynus is now a toddler, oh how time flies!
I can't really tell who he looks more like but he is cute!

Maverick: "And the claw comes in for the landing, ahhh!"
Lynus *GASPS*

Maverick: "Lilia, I want to ask you something on this beautiful night."
Lilia: "Sure, what is it Maverick?"
Maverick: "Uhhm.. will you... be my girlfriend?"
Lilia: "YES, I will. I do love you Maverick!"

Such a happy little baby waiting for his food!

Who is this angry gaming granny?
That is Mindy, she is now an elder, she aged up before Hudson.


  1. where do you get the pushchair?

  2. The stroller comes with the Generations expansion pack :)