Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 26

Liam and Ainsley brought home TWO baby girls!
Neither of them had green skin like Ainsley but they are adorable. Introducing, Lennox and Caylix Baudelaire!

Everybody in the house showed their reactions about the new babies real soon after they came home.
Lilia: "Yay, new babies!"

Lynus doesn't even acknowledge the fact that he has two new sisters downstairs, I don't think he could care less.

Hudson: "Eugh, that kid disgusts me, get him away."

Lilia has developed a little bit of OCD and cleans everything in the house until it sparkles.
Lilia *Scrubby Scrubby*

Shortly after the girls were born they both got an Imaginary Friend, those things still creep me out.

This is kind of an odd situation.

At night the ghosts come out to play.

Lennox and Caylix are the center of the family, everyone is always holding them, feeding them, or playing with them.

Lilia is a born mother, she has that mothering instinct.

Liam: "Hmmm.. has anyone ever realized that the baby bottles are the same color as Ainsley?"

Hudson: "Ewww, get away from me.."
Ainsley *Creeps Closer*
Since Hudson aged up he grosses out over everybody.

Maverick *Stares*
Maverick just kind of keeps to himself.

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