Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 34

Ainsley got over her little freak out with Spaz and fell in love with him.
Lennox: "I've got my eyes on you, Mom."

Caylix *sobs* - I didn't want a squirrel.

Lennox: "What are you doing, old man?!"

Lennox: "Eugh, just get it over with."
Hudson: "I could just pinch those cheeks all day!"

Caylix *destroys*

You wouldn't think that Caylix and Lennox are siblings, let alone twins.. they don't look anything alike, different color hair and eyes.

I see they act just alike though, the Baudelaire weirdness runs through them.

I swear, the Baudelaire's are going to make me go crazy by the time they make it to 10 generations.

No! Spaz got out!

Lynus: "Eugh! Help me, this bathroom smells so bad!"

Caylix: "I'm gonna beat the stuffing out of you!"
Lennox: "Yeah right!"
I love seeing Lennox and Caylix bond, they are going to be so close when they get older.

Hudson: "What do you plan on doing about these dirty dishes? I don't like dirty dishes!"

Lennox: "So Dad, what have you been up to?"
Liam: "blah blah blah.."
Lynus *Stalks*

Lynus: "Seriously, I just want some tickets to the movies! Nothing else..."

Lennox *Stares*
Caylix: "What are you looking at?!"

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