Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Baudelaire's 2.0 - Chapter 3

Lilia: "So Maverick, we both have the day off today, what would you like to do?"
Maverick: "I don't know but I have an idea, follow me into the living room..."
Little did Lilia know, Maverick had a surprise planned for today. It was their first day off of work at the same time so Maverick knew it was the perfect time.

Maverick: "Lilia, after some long thought and planning I have decided there is no reason for us to already be living together, engaged and making a life together without being officially married so I want to go ahead and make it official, right here, right now.."
As Maverick slipped the shiny but small ring of Lilia's finger she was in awe, she knew she wanted to marry Maverick more than anything but she didn't expect it so soon, but like Maverick said.. Why not?

Lilia held the ring up for Maverick to look at, she told him "after I put this ring on your finger we are officially Mr. and Mrs. Baudelaire, are you ready?"

After they said their vows in private they knew today was going to be one of the happiest days in their life together, they stood there holding hands and just talking for a long time.

- Kitchen -
Since both Maverick and Lilia are working as Architects they bring in a good amount of money every week, it was no time before they got their house painted, the floors were put down and they bought some fancy furniture out of the Twinbrook Catalog.

- Dining Room -

- Living Room -

- Master Bedroom -
The only rooms that are not finished are the three bedrooms, laundry room and both bathrooms.

Lilia: "Maverick, I am glad I caught you before you went to bed. There is something I want to talk to you or ask you about.. I want to try for a baby!"
Maverick:  O.o

Maverick: "So.. You are saying that you are ready for a baby now? I thought you wanted to reach the top of your career before we started trying?
Lilia: "I know I did but I am ready now, I don't want to waste time, what better time than the present?"

After a long talk and budgeting of course they decided, why not? There is no better time than the present, live life to the fullest and make life as best as you can...

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