Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 326

Look at how adorable Cadienne is learning to walk in her little slippers!

Cadienne: "I did it, gramma! I can walk now."

Casper: "They forgot to teach me how to walk!!!"

Tiegan: "This seat is already taken, I can't sit here!"

Zombie: "Braaaiiins."

Syrah: "Haha, please. You don't scare me, I'm a vampire."

Zombies: "But I want BRAAAIIINNNS."

You came to the wrong place.

There's a wild party going on in the upstairs bathroom, time for August to age up!

She is gorgeous! Definitely Syrah's clone.

I think Tiger is tired of everyone messing with him.

Leighton: "Ouch, I smashed my finger!"

Aren't you a little cold?

Weston: "This music warms my body."

Cadienne: "I want to go outside in the snow."


Casper: "I wasn't prepared for this."

I wasn't prepared for how cute Casper would be!

Leighton: "Another one is coming!"

Leighton: "I still look hot, even in labor."

It's another boy! Introducing, Knightlee Baudelaire!

Have you figured out the name pattern yet?

The house is getting so full, some of the kids have to share a bed.

Topher: "This bird tried to eat my finger!"

Leighton: "My poor baby almost lost a finger!"

Maybe silly faces will cheer him up.


Knightlee is a cutie! He looks just like Weston but not a vampire, I'm happy to finally see some of Weston's genetics.

Knightlee: "Are you happy to see boogies too?"

Brenner: "I forgot about how adorable you were!"

Cadienne: "That's right, don't forget it again."

Knightlee: "Am I adorable too?"

Yes, very!

I love those eyes!

Learning to potty while Cadienne creeps in the back.

Topher: "Does Cadienne watch me go to the bathroom too?"

No, but I do.

Topher: "WHAT?!"

There's nothing like a little bonding and beating each other with pillows.

Casper: "Where did Cadienne go???"

Topher: "Signal to Earth, there is no sign of intelligent life anywhere."

Tempest: "RAWWWRRR, I will destroy everything in my path."

Tempest: "Except adorable kitties."

Casper decided to join in on the fun and become a Prince!

Dinosaurs are creepers.

August: "But I like dinosaurs!"

August: "Why do they have to be creepy?"

Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 325

Max found a new kitty!

Tiegan: "What is your name, kitty?"

Victory: "You're scary!"

She likes the bugs!

Meet Victory! She will be Tiger's mate.

Tiegan: "Why can't we have TWO new cats?"

A little cutie woke up from his nap!

Lima Bean can go through walls but has trouble seeing in the window.

I see so much of Hadley in his eyes, he's exactly the mix of genetics that I wanted when Hadley and Syrah had kids.

Casper: "So am I my grandparents' child?"

Lima Bean: "Fill my food dish!!!"

Pregnant again! What is this, their 20th child?

The two lovebirds are finally meeting!

Victory: "Want to have kittens?"

I guess no kittens today, Victory decided to nap.

Lima Bean joined in on the napping too.

Max: "There was a ghost cat sleeping beside me!"

August: "Your ruler is here, have no fear!"

Tiegan: "I do have fears if she's our ruler."


Topher aged up! One less toddler to care for during the day.


Maybe Moonie won't destroy so much now.


Topher: "Yes, one step closer to getting his bed!"

Handsome! I see a lot of Leighton in his face.

Brenner: "I've seen a ton of births and I'm never ready!"

Tempest: "Another baby, seriously?"

It's a girl! I'm happy that she's having a good mix of boys and girls.

Introducing, Cadienne Baudelaire!

Max: "That baby will never get my food."

Casper: "She might not but I will."

Tiger: "They're both wrong, I will get the food."


So cute! She looks just like Casper but with different eyes.

Oh no, she got one of those creepy things.

Tempest: "I'm glad I didn't get one."

Leighton: "Let's teach you how to use the potty."

So much learning in one day, it's time to learn how to talk too.

Cadienne: "Can I just be a toddler for a day without learning a million things?"

Max: "What are they doing?"

Adkyn: "They're being gross, that's what they're doing."

Victory's traits! Kittens will be coming soon, I can't wait.