Monday, October 17, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 31

Lynus: "Eugh, it's my birthday today.. I'm not ready to grow up."

Lynus: "I changed my mind! I love birthdays, I am ready to grow up!"

Liam *Annoys*
Lynus: "Will you stop blowing that thing in my face?!"

It's birthday time!!!

Lynus: "Hmmm... I wish for PETS!!"
You get your wish today, Lynus!

Here is Lynus! He is finally a teen, a cute one at that.

Lynus *Stares blankly at the wall*
What are you looking at Lynus? Again, case and point.. the Baudelaire's are some strange Sims.

Liam: "Pfft.. My son is growing up, I don't want him to grow up."

Caylix: "Nom nom nom, tastes sooo good."


  1. Hi,

    I had to restart reading your legacy because I lost my internet and needed to catch up :(

    I have 2 questions:
    1) How do you get the toddler pics of your heirs for the generation pages?
    2) Can you take a look at my legacy and leave a comment about what you think? You're the one that inspired me to do a legacy ^_^

    Link to my legacy:

    Thank you xxxxx

    1. I use pose player and toddler poses and then set up a little photo shoot in my game to take their pictures, with Blogspot I just create a page and then upload their picture on the page.

      I'm glad I inspired you, I'm always happy to hear that I inspired someone. I won't be back home until tomorrow night but I'll definitely read it then. :D

    2. Thank you - I'd really value your opinion on it :D