Friday, September 30, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 9

Starting this chapter out with some twin toddler cuteness.

Millie and her baby sister, Kimber.

Henley: "I have all of them wrapped around my finger..I scream, they come running."

Awww, poor little guy. Someone get him out of the crib.

Millie is a Young Adult now and it was time for me to make a decision, I really wanted Millie to be heir for the next generation but since she is the oldest and so many kids in the house are younger than her I decided to move her out (actually I kicked her out, I didn't want to pay for her house)
That worked out well, I don't know how but not even one Sim week later she was living in a mansion and was classified as "rich" by all Sims in Sunset

Pancake flippin' time..
Brodeigh: "Ughh, this thing has got to make it back in the skillet."

You okay Brodeigh?
There are some strange Sims in this house.

Again, case and point.. very weird Sims.
The twins are kiddos now!

Kimber Baudelaire.

Henley Baudelaire.

Hudson is now a Young Adult.. Do I smell heir for generation 3?

Evan has a different look...

Sadly Brodeigh and Levi have entered their elder years.

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