Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 86

I just love this house, it's perfect for the Baudelaire's.
There is Nova, hunting for gems!

The Baudelaire's have an amazing view from their backyard, they can see the whole town!

Parker: "Oooh, what are these sparkly things on the ground?"

Parker: "Forget those sparkly rocks... I found a pretty Ladybug!"

Dreyfus: "Let's play, I wanna play, come play!!!"

Piper: "This book is killing me, stupid writers block."
*Facedesk, facedesk, facedesk*

Skyler: "I see your painting is messed up, I told you that I would always be the better painter."
Kieran: "Oh gosh, she is at it again. Just ignore her and maybe she will go away."

Caslyn: "What is this and where did it come from? It just popped up in the back yard, I might as well try it out."

Caslyn: "Yes! I made it, I won! Everyone bow down to the King of the rock wall!"

They all look so peaceful when they aren't running around making a mess of things.

No, Kieran it was too soon and you didn't get to finish your painting!

Kieran: "Please just let me finish my painting so I can laugh in Skyler's face one more time, please?"
I can't believe Kieran is gone, it seems like just yesterday she was born into the Sim world. She will always be remembered for those bright green eyes and odd personality.

Piper: "You can't leave us Mom! What will we do without you?!?"

Cylee: "Why Grandma, why?!?"
Random Stranger: "Oh why did I come home from school with you, what have I gotten myself into now?"

Cylee: "He is behind me isn't he? Isn't he?!?"
Yes he is, he is coming for you.   >:]

Cylee: "Oh gosh no, I can't take this, I think I'm gonna fai..."

Yeah, she fainted.
Cylee doesn't do well under stressful situations, actually she doesn't do well under normal situations.

Caslyn: "I don't know what I'm going to do, I don't think my heart can take this."

Through all of the hard times there is one precious baby that will get the Baudelaire's through everything, the bouncing baby girl Caden! She may have smelly diapers from time to time and scream for food but she brightens up everyone's day on the darkest days!


  1. are you going to get the sims 4? if so, are you going to make a legacy with the sims 4?

    1. I'm not going to get it, it just doesn't look like it will be any fun and definitely not worth leaving Sims 3 that has everything I want (Pets, weather and a ton of other stuff) I'll probably get it 2 or 3 years after it's released like I did with Sims 3, plus I don't think I could leave the Baudelaire's. :P

    2. yeah i think ill do the same also because the price is ridicluous and i want it to go down before i buy it