Friday, February 3, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 76

Jaxen and Piper wasted no time getting to know each other, before Jaxen could say another word Piper leaped into his arms and told him how much she loved him, I think they are meant for each other.

Piper: "Hang on just one second!"

Piper: "Jaxen, I know we haven't known each other very long at all but I think you're the one. Will you marry me?"
Jaxen: "Oh my gosh! I've always dreamed of this day ever since I was a littl girl boy!"

I now pronounce you husband and wife!

Now time to meet this purple eyed Sim.

This is Jaxen Caverly (Now Baudelaire)
Savvy Sculptor

After the wedding it was time for another birthday!
Time for Brysen to become an old man.

Well we have ourselves a birthday crowd, this crowd just gets bigger and bigger and crazier and crazier.

Parker: "I can't see because everyone is in my way!"

Brysen is now older, he aged with grace, he is a good looking old man!
Brysen: "Check me out..."

I guess you know by now what's going on here.
It looks like Brysen and Kieran are going to be Grandparents soon!

New Baudelaire baby in the making!

Ella: "WHAT?! You mean more people are going to be packed into this house?!?"

Pibble has been practicing her hunting skill almost all day every day, she is getting good.

Ella: "Eugh! Alright, who put the booby trap under the couch cushion?"

Skyler: "Okay... Ummm, now how do I get this into my magic pocket?"

I can see the love blooming between Alex and his little girlfriend!

It's almost time! Jaxen and Piper's baby will be here before they know it.

Caslyn: "Everyone gather around, it's time for my birthday!"

They love birthdays, you would think they would be tired of them by now.

Ella: "YAY!"

Caslyn is looking more and more like Rileh every day, Piper is Lennox's clone and Caslyn is Rileh's clone.

Piper: "I never knew it would hurt this much!!!"

Jaxen: "What do I do?? I don't know what to do!!!"
Just freak out, you are doing a great job.

After Jaxen calmed down he was able to drive Piper to the hospital to deliver their little one, after many baby girls the Baudelaire's are finally having some boys.

Introducing, Leighland Baudelaire!

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