Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 80

Leighland is always having fun with his own imagination.

While little Cylee learns and learns, she always gets the shapes in the right holes but sometimes gets upset with them.

Kieran is still upset over Bleeker's death, he was such an important part of the family.

Pibble and Fallyn find comfort in each other by playing all day and being happy kitties.

Fallyn aged into an old kitty today!

It's too soon, it's way too soon!!!

Kieran: "Rileh no! You can't leave me!"

Parker: "Oh my gosh, it's a ghost. It's.A.Ghost!"

Rileh was one of my favorite Baudelaire's ever, she accomplished so much throughout her life, she raised a beautiful daughter, lost a fiance, earned over $100,000 in writing books and so much more. Rileh will be missed so much.

Gia and Dreyfus: "Nobody is coming near our food dishes."

After two deaths in a short amount of time it was about time for some happy moments in the house, birthday time!

Piper: "Nobody came to my birthday."

Wait... I found two birthday crazed Baudelaire's!

Next up is Caslyn.
It's time for him to grow up and get started on generation 9 Baudelaire's!


Caslyn is an exact copy of Rileh but a man instead of a woman, I can't wait for him to find a wife and have babies!

Piper: "What was that?! I know I heard something."

Piper: "More birthdays?!?!"
Yep, more birthdays!

Baby Cylee is ready to grow up, I can't wait to see how much prettier she gets.

Piper: "Yay!"
Caslyn: "When will the birthdays be over..."


Here is the beautiful Cylee!
I think she looks a lot like Kieran but has her Dad's eyes.

Leighland: "I wish to be heir."
Sorry Leighland, that spot has already been taken by your Sister.

They celebrate so many birthdays but each one is still as exciting as the first.

Piper and Caslyn are having synchronized freak outs.

Handsome Leighland is turning into his Grandpa's twin.

Blow out your candles Skyler, you have a crowd about to explode from excitement behind you.

I never wanted Skyler to grow old but she aged with grace, she is still beautiful.

Last but not least, it's Parker's turn!
All of the crazies have settled down by now so they went back to their daily routine.

And here is Parker!
The Baudelaire's were completely wore out after all of those birthdays so they ate some cake and went to bed.

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