Monday, February 6, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 77

After the big move everyone got together in the front yard for their first family photo together, the Baudelaire's are a huge and amazing family!

Then it was time for Gia to age up, she wasn't happy about it.
Gia *Howls*

Gia: "These magic sparkles don't feel right."

Bleeker, Pibble and Fallyn got busy destroying their cat condo.
Kitties *Scratchy Scratchy*

Piper decided to start a garden, everyone needs a little home grown food every now and then!

Piper: "Gardening is stressful, I think I'll go jump on the trampoline for a little while."

More like fall off of the trampoline.

Piper: "Oh, owww, that hurt so bad! I think I broke my back when I landed!"

...and then right back to gardening.

Jaxen: "Piper, I love you so much."
Piper: "I love you too, Jaxen. Do you want to try for another baby?"

Caslyn: "Just casually walk away, nothing to see here..."

Piper: "I'm not feeling too good today, I think I'm gonna..."


Piper is obsessed with her garden, every time I look for her she outside tending to it and watering it.

Another Baudelaire baby is on the way, lets hope for more of those green eyes!

Baudelaire's can't stay babies forever and everyone seems happy about that, it's time for baby Leighland to grow up!

The beautiful Generation 7 heirs.


Here is baby Leighland!
He is a cutie with his Mom's hair and Grandpa Brysen's eyes!

Brysen: "Who is going to be my little look-a-like? Leighland is!"
Leighland: "Weirdo."

Brysen: "Oh my gosh, it's the claw!!!"
Leighland: "This old guy just got even crazier."

These two are lovebirds, always hugging and kissing. I can see they will have tons of little Baudelaire's.


  1. How are there so many people in your family??

  2. I use mods.
    To get more than 8 people in the family you need Nraas Master Controller, since there is so many people in the family nobody is allowed to try for a baby but I also use Nraas Woohooer mod to get rid of that problem so everyone can try for a baby. Since I have so many people in the family all of their portraits don't show up on the side so I also use Nraas Portrait Panel so all of their portraits show up.

  3. Hi! I just found your blog through Facebook/Danielle Smores/Peyton Bear and I absolutely love your story! Ahhahaa you basically inspired me to do something similar to this. Anyways, is there any place where I can download this family? I know I'm going to make my own but this one is just so...idk orginal lol! Thanks!!

    1. I'm glad you liked the Baudelaire's ^_^
      If you do a story and share it with everyone send me a link and I'll read it. I don't share the Baudelaire's with anyone, I hope that doesn't sound rude but I'm really protective of them even though they are just Sims.

    2. Thank you anyways! Ahahahah maybe ill make my own story on the blog im not entirely sure yett!!! Its fine tho i probably wouldn't of downloaded them (or maybe i would have idk...i dont like getting all the strange CC on my game) i was just wondering :) if i do make a story i will deffintly share it with u! thanks <3