Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 81

Piper: "Eugh, you mean we're moving, again?!?"
Yep, now stuff everything in your magic pocket and let's get moving.

After moving into the new house everyone realized just how much more room it had, everyone woke up the next day refreshed and able to stretch without bumping into another Baudelaire.

Cylee *Yawns*

Even the pets were enjoying the spacious house and the bigger back yard.

Fallyn is enjoying where his scratching post is, he has his own little kitty corner.

The pets even have their own room, with a wonderful view!

The Baudelaire's didn't have any time to get settled before Brysen decided it was time to go. Brysen was a very accomplished Sim, he maxed out his cooking, painting and writing skill and he was an amazing father and grandfather, he will be missed so much!

Leighland: "Not Grandpa Brysen!"

Kieran: "What am I going to do without my husband?!?"

Gia and Dreyfus did NOT like the Grim Reaper, I guess there's no chance of them being friends.

NO, not Gia too!!! Get your hands off of my dog!

Gia was the weirdest dog with her pink and blue spots but she was also an amazing dog, she was always guarding her food dish and was everybody's best friend, Gia will be missed!

Gia Baudelaire
January 1, 2012 - February 15, 2012

Not long after Brysen and Gia's death someone new came into the Baudelaire's lives, she was a beautiful girl with a passion for the color pink, she even had a little pink dog. Maybe she will be part of the 9th generation? We will see if Caslyn likes her.

Caslyn: "So, I see you must like the color pink?"
Heather: "How did you ever guess that?"

Fallyn loves his toys, now that they have a bigger house there is more room for his toys!

Cylee: "Hmm, Fallyn sure is a weird kitty."

Fallyn: "Who are you calling weird?"

I leave these two alone for an hour and when I come back they can't keep their hands off of each other, those two young love birds.

Well hello, I didn't see you there little doggy.
Nova: "How could you not see me, I'm pink!"

And Caslyn goes in for the kiss and he isn't denied, it looks like this is the start of something beautiful! I'm surprised that Heather likes Caslyn since he isn't wearing any pink.

Hey, why did you two just come out of that doghouse, what did you do?!?

I guess this is a good time to introduce Heather to everyone, it looks like she might be here to stay! Introducing Heather Layden, hopefully that will be Heather Baudelaire soon. She has a love for pink and has an odd mixture of traits, this should be interesting...

And I can't forget her little pink doggy, Nova!
So far she is fitting in perfect with the rest of the pets, her and Dreyfus seem to be too close.

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