Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Baudelaire's 2.0 - Chapter 9

It had been five years since Chloe and her parents moved to Sunset Valley where her parents grew up, even though she had been there for five years she still didn't know much about the town since she didn't go many places. She can't remember much from when they lived in Twinbrook, she was just a toddler when they moved so all she remembers is what her parents told her.
Chloe always wanted to know why they moved, they seemed to have everything in Twinbrook and why move back to Sunset Valley when the rest of the family had moved away years ago? All she knew was they moved because of some Bunch family saying things that weren't true, her parents didn't want that for Chloe, they wanted a fresh start.

Chloe would sit and daydream about being a Veterinarian or something when she grew up, she loved animals with all of her heart and she knew that an animal career would be the one for her but as soon as she started thinking about the future she couldn't help but to think about the one thing that could hold her back from being what she wanted to be, Selective Mutism.

She spent the majority of her day playing on some game called "The Sims"
She loved that game, she had all of the expansions but Unleashed was her favorite because it added pets.

She didn't forget about her real pets, she was a real animal lover. Playing outside with the dogs all day, finding bugs and snails in the bushes and waiting until night time to look for frogs and catch lightning bugs with her Daddy, that was one of her favorite things to do with her Dad.

She loved to use her imagination, I guess not talking most of the time really makes you think and do some fun things when you start using your imagination. She would always act like the couch was a race car and her dogs would just look at her like she was completely crazy.

The stressful situation would sometimes get to Maverick and Lilia, they loved their little girl so much they spent most of their time apart trying to find ways to help her and when they would cross paths they would usually start arguing over something small.
Maverick: "Honey we barely speak anymore, can you please slow down for a minute so I can talk to you?"

Lilia: "Look, I really don't have the time to talk right now, I have to get downtown to speak with a hearing specialist about getting Chloe's hearing tested."

Maverick: "I know you want to find a way to help Chloe, I do too but we need to spend time together or we might drift apart. I don't want that and I know you don't either."

Lilia: "Can you please save it for another time, I told you I have to leave or I am going to be late!"

Maverick: "Okay, okay.. I do love you, Lilia."
Lilia: "I love you too.."

Maverick and Chloe were very close, they spent most of their time playing games or just talking, they were as close as they could be, they loved each other so much.
Chloe: "So Daddy, do you want to play some games so I can kick your butt?"
Maverick: "Kick MY butt? I don't think so."


After playing a few games Chloe would turn the radio on and they would just dance for hours, of course they didn't really look like they were dancing but they were trying to.

Lilia was so wrapped up in finding help for Chloe she was missing out on her daughter growing up, she wanted the best for her but maybe she was trying to hard.

Chloe was deemed brilliant by all of her teachers, she was excellent in reading, spelling, math, science and everything else. She may not be able to speak at school but she made up for all of that with her grades and over achieving.


Even with her brilliant mind she couldn't find a way to overcome her fear of speaking or find the courage to speak in normal situations, Chloe was torn from who she was and who she really wanted to be. Almost every evening before bed she would go to her room, lock her door and silently cry, think of all of the things she wanted to become but knew she never would be who she wanted to be because of Selective Mutism.

When she felt like she was alone she had a reminder that with her dogs she would never be alone, she may not be able to speak to most people but she could always open up to her dogs and be herself. They wouldn't judge, they wouldn't wait for a little slip in her speech, they were just there to listen and be her friends when she was feeling down.

When Chloe would pick them up and their little tails would start wagging she knew everything would be okay, maybe not right now but one day everything just might work out and be the way she always dreamed.

Chloe would always wash her face and hide her tears from her parents, she didn't want them to worry more or know the pain she was feeling. She felt like she was already a burden on them because of the way she was, what she didn't realize was just how much they loved her and what they would sacrifice for their little girl, in their eyes she was their perfect little angel.

After Chloe would fall asleep Lilia would stand there watching her precious little girl for hours just wondering why she had to be the way she was, why did it have to affect her little girl, why did her little girl have to suffer? So many questions and so few answers. Lilia would stand and think it over and over for hours trying to find an answer but she knew there was no answer, just unanswered questions, heart break and tears.

While sound asleep Chloe would dream of who she really is on the inside, hidden away because of her fear to talk. Only in her dreams was she able to be who she wanted to be, in her dreams she could escape and be whatever she wanted to be. Most kids would dream of dinosaurs or crazy creatures but Chloe just dreamed of being free from herself, free from the fear of talking and just be who she really was, she could be Chloe.

After being who she really is in her dreams she was rudely awakened by reality, when she woke up she was back to her shy self. She hated getting out of the house and going to public school, she wanted to be home schooled and away from all of the people as soon as possible.

Chloe did find a friend in someone unexpected though, she was a bit of an outcast as well and they became friends the instant they started school together. It was something about Pauline, Chloe just had an easy time opening up to her and being herself.

Chloe: "Pauline, I got you a gift today for being such an amazing friend!"

They could be crazy race car drivers together.

Have pillow fights with feathers flying everywhere.

And even deep conversations, Pauline was the only person that Chloe could truly open up to.
Chloe: "Pauline, are you always going to be my friend? I know that I'm probably not the best friend with my pro--"

Pauline cut her off before she could finish her sentence.
Pauline: "You ARE my best friend and you always will be! Don't ever think your Selective Mutism will ever cause problems between us, you are who you are and I am who I am. Selective Mutism is just a word for shy, you are normal and don't think you have any problems! I'm always here for you Chloe, remember that."

When it was time for Pauline to go home they didn't want to separate, they were the true definition of best friends.

Alone again, Chloe thought long and hard about what was in store for her in the future.
Would she be normal, would she grow up happy and have a career and maybe even a family of her own? Those are questions that can only be answered in time, nobody ever knows what the future holds and Chloe is just going to take it one step at a time, no matter how difficult that becomes.


  1. This was so cute! Chloe seems like she's a sweetheart...although I'm worried about Maverick and Lilia's relationship...

  2. Maverick and Lilia aren't doing to good right now, I'm glad to be back into this story, I need to write more chapters with it more often :)