Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 79

Parker: "Look at that beautiful wittle baby."
Rileh: "I don't know why the baby gets all of the attention and not me."

Before they even realized how much time had passed it was time for Leighland's birthday, the time was just flying by!

Piper: "My baby is growing up, no more diapers!"

Skyler: "I'm just going to toot my birthday horn."

Caslyn: "Wow, this is one of the most boring parties, ever."


Here is the all grown up Leighland! He looks so much like Maverick did when he was this age and he has Brysen's eyes.

Baby Cylee has grown up also!
Somehow I didn't get her birthday picture but she did have a party, she's taking after her Daddy with those purple eyes!

Cylee: "What is this thing? It creeps me out."

Not long after Leighland and Cylee's birthday it was time for Jaxen to become a Young Adult! He was somewhat excited.

Hmm... the birthday crowds have been smaller than usual but the few that gather are excited enough for the rest of the Baudelaire's.
Caslyn *Screams like a girl*

Piper: "Good night my sweet little girl."
I love the mother and daughter moments.

Dreyfus: "I'm a daredevil, I didn't check to see if the water was too cold first!"

Dreyfus: "Just right!"

You gotta love the Baudelaire's for their random freak outs for no reason.

Piper: "Must water plants, must water plants!"

Jaxen: "Come to Daddy, I know you can do it Cylee."

Jaxen: "Oh my gosh, my baby just walked! You did a great job Cylee!"

All of the Baudelaire's went to bed one night and were rudely awaken by their worst real life nightmare, the Grim Reaper. He came for their beloved Bleeker.
Bleeker was an amazing and crazy kitty with a perfectly placed heart on his butt, he lives on in his son, Fallyn, and he will never be forgotten.

Rest In Peace: Bleeker Baudelaire
December 20, 2011 - February 1, 2012

Everyone was devastated, especially Leighland.
Leighland: "I didn't even get to know Bleeker, why did Bleeker have to go so soon?"

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  1. Leighland and Cylee are so cute!
    Aww...poor Bleeker!