Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 78

Well hello there little doggy.

Since ALL of the pets in the household are getting older I thought it was time for a new pet for the Baudelaire's so I would like to officially introduce Dreyfus!

Leighland: "Om nom nom nom"
Such a cute little eater.

Piper: "I'm just gardenin' a little bit."
Piper is still obsessed with her garden.

But she managed to get away from it long enough to teach Leighland how to walk.
Piper: "Come to Momma, hurry up Leighland, I have to get back to my garden."

Piper: "Yay, now I can get back to my garden, I mean, yay you learned to walk!"

Jaxen: "What's that?"
Leighland: "I think Mommy is a little bit weird."

It's almost baby time in the Baudelaire house again!

Dreyfus: "I'm gonna get you, ball!"


Piper: "Oh my gosh this hurts so bad, I just wanted to garden for 5 more minutes!"
Jaxen: "What do I do???"

Piper and Jaxen brought home a bouncing baby girl, introducing, Cylee Baudelaire!

Jaxen: "I did NOT freak out like a girl during the birth."

Parker: "Alright, controller, person or what ever you are... I want YOU to stop making us have babies, we are crowded in here enough."

Yay Kieran is about to be old!

The crazy train has arrived, now it's a party!

Well, here is Kieran as an elder... as you can see not much has changed.

Kieran: "Ahh durrr."

I promised a follow up on Alex and Ella and here is Alex's follow up! I guess I'm a stalker now.

Alex asked his long time Girlfriend, Whatshername to marry him, I'm hoping for lots of pretty Baudelaire babies!

Kieran: "So, uhh, I'm older now, does that mean I'm going to be crammed into a room with Brysen and Rileh?"
No, nooo...


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