Friday, March 2, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 87

Dreyfus: "Dude, you did not just jump off of the couch."
Eureka: "Yes, yes I did."

Heather: "Eugh! Caslyn, I know it was you that broke the sink again!"

Caslyn: "I don't know what to do honey, don't get mad at me."

Caslyn: "Why on earth did you make me marry that weirdo?"
For pretty babies my pretty.

Piper: "And the square block goes in that hole."
Oh poor Piper, she isn't the smartest apple in the bunch.

Jaxen: "Oh my gosh why didn't anyone tell me about this sink?!? Eww, eww, I can't get wet!"

All of the Baudelaire's must be heartbroken over the sink.

Nova loves her new sparkly dog food!
The Baudelaire's are like crows, they love shiny things.

Caslyn: "Stupid broken sink, I don't know why I get blamed and have to clean the mess."
*Continues to mumble under his breath*

Cylee: "Look, it's some kind of crazy claw thing that is going to get you, Caden!"
Caden: "These people I'm forced to live with... they, they are crazy!"

But you have to love them for their craziness.

Caden: "Num, num. I love this mushy stuff they feed me every day!"

Cylee: "Wha??? This isn't syrup!"

Hey, who are you and what do you think you're doing in our refrigerator?!
Weird Food Stealer: "I'm just gettin' some food brah."

Nova = Love

Parker: "But why... why did the computer break in the middle of my magnificent book?"

Cylee: "Ah derpy durr."
Seriously, I think the Baudelaire's are losing brain cells every hour, it must be something in the air around their house.

It's the gathering of the wild Baudelaire animals, let's just watch them socialize and feast upon their sparkly food.

Fallyn: "Ah that's the spot, right where they prepare their food and the best part? They will never even know."

Random Weirdo: "What, who locked the door? Let me in I'm hungry!"
Ha, that's what you get you food thief!


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    1. He moved out a while ago I think, it's been so long it's hard to remember without looking back. When he moved out he ended up getting married and having a few kids.