Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 82

Old love, even after all of the years they still love each other so much.

Heather: "I see your parents over there kissing each other, why don't we do the same?"

Heather: "Or you could just leap into my arms."
Caslyn, I think it's supposed to be the other way around...

Caslyn: "I hope you don't think I forgot about that kiss you wanted."

Nova has adjusted well, she spends most of her time chewing on her toys or outside hunting.

Caslyn: "Just wait there for one second, I have something I want to show you."

Heather: "Wait, what are you doing Caslyn?"
Caslyn: "Just one more second."

Caslyn: "Ta Da! Will you marry me?"
Heather: "Oh my gosh, I can't believe how shiny it is! YES, I will marry you!"

Caslyn: "Well then, can I get a hug?"
Heather: "Hang on just a minute, I'm admiring the sparkliness."

Heather: "Here is your ring, it isn't as shiny as mine though."
Leighland: "I think I might be interrupting something, I'll just act like I'm not here."

Not long after Heather and Caslyn tied the knot they got busy on generation 9 babies, I can't wait to see who they look like!

Caslyn: "Who messed up the bed?!?"
You did Caslyn, you did.

It's finally time for Cylee to become a teen, one step closer to being an adult and having Baudelaire babies!

Cylee: "Let's see, I wish for more purple stuff!"

It looks like Heather is fitting in with the birthday crazies.

Now it's time to get this candle blowing over with, the weirdos Baudelaire's have arrived!

Cylee has turned out beautiful! She looks like no other Baudelaire with her dark hair and purple eyes, she is definitely different and I can't wait to see how much different her personality is.

Even the pets have strange labor faces, it's puppy time for Nova and Dreyfus!

And Nova had 3 little bundles of joy, 2 girls and a boy!
*Sparkly Puppy Time*

Introducing Eureka (Pink spotted puppy)
Knox (the one in the middle)
and last but not least little Karli!

Fallyn: "Three little puppies with sharp teeth that will want to chase me everywhere?! I have to get out of here, thriller cat style."

Heather: "Eugh, all of that cake I ate must have upset my stomach."

Or not...
Was it the cake that upset Heather's stomach or something else?

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