Monday, January 30, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 75

With this chapter I bring you loads of birthdays and crazy birthday Sims... First up is little Caslyn!

Rileh: "Woohoo, my Grandson is growing up!"
Parker: "What exactly does a birthday have to do with WooHoo??"

*Sparkly Cuteness*

Here is the adorable Caslyn! He is growing up so fast!

Next in line is Rileh.
Rileh: "Touch my cake and see what happens."

Piper: "Eugh, why does everyone have to get so excited about birthdays?"

These two couldn't get more excited.

Rileh is all grown up, it seems like just yesterday she was crawling around but now she is walking around with a cane.

Gia: "I'm tired, how many more of these birthdays do we have to celebrate?"

Bleeker is a grown kitty now too.

Alex: "No more birthdays!!! Please!"
Just hold your dino feet, we are almost done.

Here is half dressed Parker ready for his candle blowing time, I swear nobody ever gets dressed for parties around here.

See what I'm saying?
Not one fully dressed Baudelaire.

Skyler, also still in her undies is also ready for her birthday!

Parker: "YES! More cake for me!"

Piper: "Now it is MY time in the spotlight, candle blowing time!"

Piper is turning out beautiful and identical to Lennox, I still can't believe how much she looks like her.

*More Kitty Sparkles*

Who is this oddly dressed Sim in our living room? He fits in perfect.

Piper is taking interest in him, now time to make the next move.

I can see the love between these two already. Who is he and is he the one for Piper?

I found the mini Chemist outside discovering potions, hopefully he doesn't blow himself up.

Watch out little Squirrely, Pibble is going to get you!

If you aren't tired of the birthdays yet you are about to be...
Happy Birthday Alex!

Piper: "Do I see cake over there?!?"

Ella: "Hmmm... I wish for a normal family."
Sorry Ella, it seems that abnormality is the normality at this locality.

Alex is turning out very handsome, he is going to make someone a great husband one day!

And I don't even know how to describe how beautiful Ella is, her eyes just pop with that mysterious black hair.

Caslyn didn't do so well discovering potions.


  1. how do you get a chemist table i have wanted one forever and cant find out how or where to get a chemist table for my sims

    1. It comes in the Generations expansion, you can find it under the hobbies and skills category.