Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 72

Fluffy Bleeker loves to play.

The twins are growing up so fast, Parker decided to teach Ella to walk, she caught on so fast!

Parker: "Just a few more steps Ella, only a few more!"

Across the room Lennox was working with Alex, he wasn't catching on as fast but he was getting there.

Lennox: "You made it, that's my boy!"

Ella: "I'm watchin' you close lady, very close."

Everybody loves Alex, he barely gets any time alone because nobody will put him down.

Especially his big sister Piper. She tries to hold him 24/7, she feeds him, changes his diapers, plays with him and just won't put him down.

The time has come for baby Caslyn to grow up! I can't wait to see who he looks like.
Lennox: "Wow, look at that cake."

Parker: "Oh my gosh, my baby is growing up!"


Here is Caslyn!
I can't believe how much he looks like his Grandma, Rileh, he has the same color hair and eyes.

Just like the generations before her... Skyler starts scaring him with the claw before he even gets used to being a toddler.

..and tries to feed him when he is not hungry.
Caslyn: "NO!"

He is so cute, I can't wait to see how much more he looks like Rileh as he gets older.

It looks like someone sent him one of those creepy Imaginary Friends.
Caslyn: "Take it, I don't want it."

Skyler is discovering some stars, in the daytime.

Pibble: "Oooh, a fly. I wonder where that came from?"

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