Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 74

Alex: "These people are strange, very strange."

It looks like Alex falls right into the same category, strange Baudelaire's.

Alex: "This game is SO fun! I like being strange too!"

Piper: "Why do I have to live with a bunch of loons?"

Fallyn is loving his new kitty castle to play on!

One more of these things and I'm afraid they're going to form an army and take over the town!

Skyler: "Look at Mommy's little boy, you're getting so big!"

Brysen: "Gah! Blah, blah, blah."
Yeah... lets just back away from Brysen and leave him to himself.

Completely insane, you see what kind of craziness I have to deal with?
Skyler: *Gasp* and then *Squeals like a girl*

Lanica camr back to terrorize the Baudelaire's living kitties, Fallyn isn't too happy with her.

Lennox decided to teach little Caslyn to walk.
Caslyn: "Regain your balance, regain your balance!"
Lennox: "C'mon, you can make it!"

Lennox: "Yay! I told you that you could make it!"

A sad, sad day has come for the Baudelaire's. They knew the time was getting closer but they just didn't want to face it, now they know that Lennox won't be around much longer.

Rest In Peace: A wonderful and playful doggy, Boscoe Baudelaire.
 November 17, 2011 - January 14, 2012

Caslyn: "Doggy!"
Gia: "What is this child trying to do to me?"

Just as everyone suspected, the time has come for everyone to say bye to Lennox, they knew it was time but they just didn't want to let go. Lennox was a wonderful single mother that did everything for her children and grand children, I have a feeling she will live on through her identical grand daughter, Piper.
Piper: "Grandma, why do you have to leave us?!"

Alex: "Hey, where did all of my food go?"

Parker: "Who locked the door? Please let me in, I'm going to freak out if someone doesn't let me in!"
He will freak out if even if someone does let him in.

Caslyn: "Whoa, I never noticed how much I look like Grandma."

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  1. wow! caslyn does look so much like Rileh!