Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 66

Kieran: "One plus one equals... Five?"

Lennox: "Oh my gosh, plant, you scared me!"

Brysen: "I'm just going to the bathroom, don't touch my waffles."

Skyler: "I'm not so sure about this move!"

All of the weirdness in the house got a little interrupted when Lennox saw a familiar face at the door, what could Edwin possibly want this time?

He came to talk to Kieran instead of Lennox.
Edwin: "Oh, uh, hi. I'm sorry I haven't been here and all but.."

Kieran: "Just spit it out already "Dad"
Edwin: "Kieran, I came to see you. I realize it was wrong to stay out of your life and Bethany's too but I just didn't know how to be a father but I think I'm ready now."
Piper *Stalks*

Piper: "Eugh, I don't know who this old man is." *Walks Off*

Kieran: "Well, I'm not saying I want you to be part of my life, you will have to earn your place with me and it will probably take a long, long time. I just want you to look at that little girl over there, that is MY little girl, her name is Piper."

Edwin: "I had no idea you had a child, I-I..."
Kieran: "Just save your breath. You weren't there for my childhood, you weren't there for my prom, my first date, my wedding or the birth of my daughter! I honestly don't want you to be a part of my life now but it's up to Piper if she wants you in her life."

As Kieran looked away in disgust and Lennox watched closely because she knows how much Edwin can hurt everyone, Piper was questioning him in every way possible, she didn't know who he was, she had never heard about him growing up so, why was he here now? What did he want this time?

After Edwin left things got back to normal, the crazy normal that is.

Skyler got all dressed up this evening because she is going to prom! She is turning into a beautiful young girl.

And Boscoe is getting old!

Aww, the poor little guy just couldn't make it all the way.

Yes, it IS what it looks like... Kieran is pregnant again! Let's hope for a little boy like we always do, the Baudelaire's need some boys!

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