Monday, January 23, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 73

Brother and Sister love.
I swear Piper never puts Alex down, they are probably the closest siblings in the Baudelaire family.

Lennox and Boscoe are getting old! I don't want to lose them.

Parker loves his little boy so much.

Parker: "My son, I never want to let him go. He reminds me of both Skyler and myself, I definitely want more!"

Triple the trouble!
The Baudelaire's definitely have all of their hands full with these three little trouble makers.

Alex: The quiet cutie that freaks out at random times for no apparent reason.

Ella: The sweet girl with the mysterious black hair, I'm still wondering where it came from.

Caslyn: The bright eyed, lovable little boy with the biggest personality.

Skyler: "Who is Mommy's little boy? Caslyn is!"

Alex: "What do you think you are looking at?"

Kieran: "Uh derrr... two plus two equals... five?"

Birthday time has come again for the Baudelaire's!
Parker: "What?! Act natural, act natural."

The crazies have arrived that means it is party time!


Here is Ella! She is turning into a beautiful girl, I think she looks just like Piper but with black hair.

Now time for little Alex to grow up!

Don't toot your horn at me.

Here is the wild haired Alex, I love this kid. His hair matches his personality, the race for heir will be close between him and Piper!

Alex and Ella look nothing like each other.
Ella *Stares*
Alex: "She's staring at me isn't she?"


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  2. thanks :) i love this legacy so much by the way forgot to add it in my last post! i can't wait for the next chapter