Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 71

When Alex and Ella's birthday rolled around there were over excited and not so excited Baudelaire's.
Piper *Over Excited*
Kieran *Not Amused*
Happy Birthday Alex and Ella!

Kieran *Over Excited*
Brysen *Not Amused*

Parker *Over Excited*
Skyler is not amused, not one bit amused.

Piper: "Let me just toot my horn!"

Skyler: "YAY!"

Here is the little Alex! He is such a cutie and has those bright green eyes.

And the little Ella! She also has the bright green eyes, looking at Alex and Ella you would never know they are twins or even siblings. I have absolutely NO idea where the black hair came from.

Ella: "No, not the claw!"

Alex: "Who is this creepy woman? Get her away, get her away!"

Still over amused and the birthday has been over for hours now.

Piper: "Eugh, fix that stupid broken dishwasher!"

Alex: "I'm watchin' you creepy lady."

These two do this pretty much all day.

Alex: "Hey, I want your toy."
Ella: "Get your own."

Ella: "Nom nom nom."

Such a cutie, he reminds me a lot of Hudson when he was that age.

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  1. I actually think that Alex and Ella look EXACTLY alike!!!