Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 65

Kieran: "What is this?!"

Kieran: "A Lizard!"
Kieran found Mr. Lizard while walking around town and she took him home to be the family lizard.

Pibble: "Meooowww Meooowwww."

What is going on here?!

It looks like Pibble and Bleeker's baby is here!!!

Introducing, baby Fallyn!

He loves to follow his Mom everywhere!

Kitty Love.

Pibble is such a great Mom, she spends all day with Fallyn.

And Fallyn loves his Mom so much!

Piper's birthday is here! It seems like she was just born yesterday and she is already ready to be a child.

They might be older but they aren't any less crazy, the crazy birthday crowd has gathered again!


Here's the beautiful Piper! I can't believe how much she looks like Lennox, she looks like she is Lennox's clone.

Piper and Fallyn love to play, I guess Fallyn is going to be Piper's kitten from now on.

Fallyn: "High five."

Fallyn: "I will soon take over the world... all cats will own Sims and all Sims will be pets."

It looks like Fallyn needs to do some growing up and learn to walk before he can have kitty world domination.

Like father, like son. Bleeker and Fallyn look just like each other.

The whole kitty family, I think they are going to take over the house soon, that's just what Fallyn wants.

Lynus: "Ahhhh!"


  1. I love how Fallyn looks like dad but with the one white paw like mom. Too freaking cute.

  2. I love Fallyn, he has the patch of spots on his butt like his mom too. ^_^