Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 68

Gia: "I should have made sure the water wasn't cold first!"

Gia: "I loved going for a swim!"

Skyler: "I love your red hair and lack of clothes."
Parker: "I love your blue eyes and honesty."

They seem to be getting along very well.

...very, very well.
Is this the start of generation 8?

It's almost time to meet Kieran and Brysen's next baby! Piper is going to be an older sister!

Graduation day for Skyler! I don't know why she looks so sad.

Gia is happy though! Gia adds a lot of life and even more craziness to the family.

Just two of the crazy pets, the Baudelaire's have their hands full.

Skyler: "Hmm... I wonder what's up here?"
Parker: "Let me go up and check it out with you."

Skyler: "Don't tell anyone about what happened up there."

It looks like nobody HAS to say anything, I think we all know what happened in the tree house.

It's finally time! The newest Baudelaire baby will be here very soon!
Do you think it is a boy or girl? I'm hoping for a boy as always.

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