Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 67

I knew the day was close but I didn't know it was this close.

Rileh: "MOM!"
I can't believe Lucy is already a ghost, it seems like just yesterday she joined the family and now she's leaving.

Lynus followed right behind her, I guess he just couldn't go on without her. It will be so different without sweet Lucy and insane Lynus! They will be missed so much!

Grim Reaper: "I have come to take you with me."
Lizard *Ignores*

Right after Lucy and Lynus died it was time for Skyler's birthday, she was NOT excited about it and I don't blame her.

When the crazy parade arrived she cheered up a little!

Rileh: "How can you be so excited and blow that thing when we just lost my parents?!"
Kieran: "Act happy, act happy."

Skyler: "Whoa! This does NOT feel right!"

Here is Skyler as a Young Adult! I can't believe how beautiful she has turned out! She reminds me so much of her Dad, I wish he was here to see her.

Random ghost party! I swear these things show up every night and disturb everyone and there is one just casually playing on a laptop!

Well, who do we have here? Meet the newest pink spotted doggy, Gia!

Gia and Boscoe are already best friends!

Even though Lennox still has so much to be happy about she can't help thinking about Lucy and Lynus, she can't believe they left their family so soon.

Hmm... It looks like we have someone else that's new here.
Skyler: "Well hello stranger, what's your name?"
Stranger: "My name? My name is Parker... Parker Lewis."

Gia found the food dish and started chowing down.

She found the toy crate too, she is definitely fitting in well!

Kieran is finally starting to get a bump! I can't wait to see the next Baudelaire baby, hopefully he or she will look like Piper!

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