Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Introducing Generation 8!

Boscoe: "I must look out of the window. too. short."

Gia: "I KNOW I just saw the ice cream truck out there, I just know it!"

Are you ready for the next Baudelaire baby? Well, it's almost time!

I think Brysen is just like Lynus, he was completely sane when he moved in but not anymore.

Fallyn has made himself pretty cozy.

Fallyn loves his Mom, even though he is a grown kitty his Mom still grooms him and takes care of him.

Unfortunately Gia and Fallyn aren't best buds, they sniff occasionally but for the most part they keep their distance.

Skyler: "OH, it hurts! Why do you make us do this?!"

Skyler brought home a baby boy! No boys for the past few generations and finally the first baby of the 8th generation is a little boy!

Introducing the first baby of generation 8, Caslyn Baudelaire!

The Baudelaire's might as well give up all hope of sitting on the living room furniture again, the pets have taken it over!

Fallyn *Scratchy Scratchy*

Kieran and Brysen's bed is also slowly getting taken over by the pets but they only sleep in it when Kieran is asleep, they love her.

They love her a little too much, she barely gets any sleep because Boscoe is always waking her up.

Skyler loves her baby boy! I wonder who he will look more like, Skyler or Parker?

This is just great... everything in the house keeps breaking.

After the washing machine is repaired Gia spots the puddle and sees the perfect chance to make a bigger mess.

Gia: "Ahhh... the wonders of a nice, big, messy puddle!"

Gia: "Huh... what was that?!"

The pets are even crazy here!

I have no idea what is going on here.

Boscoe: "This looks like a nice spot to pee."

Fallyn being a good kitty.

Piper: "Stupid chess! I can't even beat a game against myself!"

Caslyn: "Thumbs up to everyone that thinks I'm cute!"

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