Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 53

Rileh's birthday is here! She has grown up in the blink of an eye.

Lucy *Acts Crazy*
Lynus: "Are you crazy? That's my job."

There's never a dull moment around here but you have to love the Baudelaire's for their craziness, right?

Rileh as a Young Adult, she is beautiful!

Uh oh... Is Lennox pregnant, again?

Lynus: "Lennox can't be pregnant, we are pushing the limit already!"

Jocelyn is such a cutie, she reminds me so much of Lynus.

A few random gnomes just chillin' in the yard nothing unusual about that.

Skyrim spends almost every minute of the day outside chasing that ball around, I love Skyrim.

Lynus: "Stupid phone ringing in this ugly orange room."

Rileh: "Look Kieran, we're about to move out of this cramped house."

Rileh: "To a nice big spacious house, it's far out."

I've decided to move the Baudelaire's, again. Their house seemed like it was getting smaller and smaller and it just didn't fit them anymore, I moved them to the outside of town by the river in a nice big 5 bedroom house.


  1. Wait how is Lennox peggers again? I am so confused.

    1. Edwin came over in chapter 52 and they made up for a little while, she got pregnant while they were on good terms but that didn't last long because she realized he would never change.