Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 55

Lynus: "Where did you come from?"

Matthew: "So, did you like the birthday parties?"

Rileh: "No, NO I did not!"
Rileh has a bit of a temper, she dislikes a LOT of things.

Matthew: "Whoa, whoa, calm down Rileh!"

Matthew: "I do love you Rileh, I want to be with you."

Rileh: "I love you too, Matthew!"

I can't wait for the new baby Baudelaire to be here!

Everyone in the house is getting along with Matthew, they seem to really like him.

Kieran: "That's right, I'm awesome."

Who said you were awesome?

Boscoe: "What's that? Who is awesome?"

Kieran: "Who is my baby doggy? Boscoe is my baby doggy!"
Kieran loves Boscoe, he likes to follow her around too.

Kieran: "Oh my gosh, I didn't see you there plant, you startled me!"
The Baudelaire's seem to be afraid of plants for some reason.

Skyrim loves living right by the river, she can go out and get a drink whenever she wants to.

Lanica: "Almost.There.So.Close."

Lanica: "Ahhh... now that is the spot!"
I'm so glad that Lanica can't fall off to the floor below.

Boscoe! Such a great addition to the family!

I think we all know this face by now, the last baby of generation 6 is about to be born!


  1. My goodness... I have to play serious catch-up.. luckily I enjoy reading so it really shouldn't take all that long, didn't know this story was yours and I would have followed it sooner if I had known. :)

  2. It shouldn't take long to read it, I don't write a lot, I just like to let the family do what they want and I go from there. I hope you like it :)

  3. Wait! Who's the blonde's new baby daddy?

  4. The blondes "baby daddy" is Edwin McGarrett, he was a few chapters back.

  5. I'm loving your story so far, but do the Baudelaire's ever leave their house other then the hospital or Lennox greeting one new arrival?

    1. They don't leave their house very often, I always get caught up in the game and forget to make them go outside. :P