Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 46

Lennox is graduating today and Lynus seems far from happy about it.

Lucy on the other hand is very excited.
Lucy: "Graduation, graduation!!!"

Lucy: "Show off."

Lennox: "I graduated today, did you notice?"

Rileh: "All hail my musical powers."

Lynus: "You see that? My little girl is brilliant."

Skyrim: "I brought your newspaper in, does anyone even notice?"

Lanica loves to follow Rileh everywhere.
Lanica *Stalks*
Rileh: "Why is that kitty following me?"

Skyrim loves to sniff Rileh too, they're becoming best friends.

And sleep on everyone's beds.

My parents taught me to eat my food not play with it unlike Lanica.

Kitty likes.

Nothing unusual about Liam and Lynus playing the guitar outside in their underwear, right? Don't we all?

Lynus: "Wait, what are you trying to tell me about the Little Dipper? It DOES exist, doesn't it?"

Ainsley: "Who is a cute wittle doggy?"
Skyrim: "This green lady is creeping me out."

There is a new neighbor in town so Lennox decided to go over and introduce herself.

Lennox: "Hi, my name is Lennox. Welcome to Appaloosa Plains, you will love it here!"
Edwin McGarrett: "Nice to meet you Lennox, my name is Edwin McGarrett."

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