Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 48

Liam: "Haha! Key Lime Pie is funny!"
Ainsley: "What are you laughing at? It's just pie."

Rileh: "Grandpa Liam is crazy."
EVERYONE is crazy.

On a mission downstairs, Lynus runs everywhere.

He runs all the way downstairs and gets upset because the counter is in his way.

Can you find the kitty?

Lennox is pregnant with her first baby! Edwin McGarrett is the Daddy, now she just has to tell him...

Rileh: "Seriously? Do we really have the room for more Sims in this house?!"

Lennox is getting big! She has been putting off telling Edwin but I think it's about time to confront him.

Lennox: "Edwin, I know it's been a while since I've been over for a visit but I have something to tell you."

Edwin: "Wow, you're pregnant? It has been a while hasn't it. So, who's the lucky guy?"
Lennox: "You are."

Edwin: "What?! You can't be serious, we only did it one time!"
Lennox: "I am serious! Why would I come here and say that this is your baby if it wasn't?!"

Edwin: "It isn't mine, I know you just came to me because you wanted child support. Well, you're not getting anything from me."

Lennox: "You have to be kidding me! My family has more money than you will ever have, why would I want child support from you?! I just thought you would want to know you are going to be a Dad and maybe we could have some kind of relationship together!"

Lennox: "I have to get out of here, I honestly thought you were better than that."

Lennox left before she got even more upset, she thought that Edwin would be there for her and their baby but she was wrong.

Lennox: "I can't believe he is doing this to me, I thought he cared for me, I thought that we could be a family but I guess I will just be a single mother and raise my baby by myself."

After Lennox got home she went into labor, all of the fighting made her go into labor earlier than expected.

Will she be able to raise her baby on her own?

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