Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 47

Lennox: "So, have you met anyone since you've been in Appaloosa Plains? Everyone here is so nice, it's such a family atmosphere here."

Edwin: "I haven't been anywhere except for the store, I'm not much of an outgoing person so I just like to stay here with my dog, Google."

Edwin: "You seem like a really nice person though, I would love to get to know you more."
Lennox: "Really? I would love to get to know you more too."

Lennox: "I think you're really cute."
Edwin *Blushes*
It looks like Lennox and her new friend are getting along well.

On the counter?! Why Lanica, why?

Poor kitty but you shouldn't have licked yourself on the counter.

Time for Rileh's birthday!

Lucy: "Yay, birthday... and cake!"


Rileh is turning into a beautiful young girl, her eyes match her outfit too.

It looks like Lennox and Edwin have gotten a lot closer in just a short amount of time...
Lennox: "I really like you Edwin!"
Edwin: "Oh, you're heavy."

Lennox: "I feel like you're the one Edwin, I love you very much even though I've only known you for a few hours."
Stranger *Ignores*

Lennox leans in for the kiss and... Edwin accepts!

Edwin: "Are you sure you're ready for this?"
Lennox: "Yes, I am. I love you Edwin and I'm ready to take the next step with you."

Lennox: "Was I wrong to do that? I've only known him for a little while."

Back at home Rileh and Ainsley are battling each other.
Ainsley *Determined to win*
Rileh: "Come on grandma, let me win!"

Liam: "Yay, it's time for my birthday!"

Liam: "Ta Da!"
Liam is now old and gray... that arm in the lamp has to hurt.

Lennox: "Noooooo!!! How could this happen?! Who broke the dishwasher?"
Lennox has been a little over emotional lately.

No... It can't be, can it???