Friday, November 11, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 51

After an easy delivery Lucy walked out of the hospital with a baby girl!

Introducing, Jocelyn Baudelaire!

Kieran is getting so big, she walks all over the house and even uses the potty by herself now, she is growing up so fast and it's sad that Edwin is not around to see any of it.

*Sumo Wrestler Baby*

It looks like Sumo Baby scared the mail lady or maybe it's that creepy ice cream truck that stalks everyone.

I forgot to get a birthday cake and throw a party for Jocelyn but here she is aging up!

She is adorable! She looks just like Caylix at that age and she has the blue Baudelaire eyes.

Time is just flying by in the Baudelaire household, before they knew it Kieran's birthday was here.

Lennox *Daydreams about cake*

*Cross Eyed and Sparkles*

Kieran: " Stop following me Plumbob!"

Kieran is growing up so fast! She looks just like her Dad and has her Mom's eyes.

Rileh *Sneaky Sneaky*

Ghost: "Haha, look at that ghost!"
Why are you laughing? You are a ghost too... even the ghosts are crazy around here.

Lanica passed out on the couch, she never uses her bed.

Everybody got down to business and started  spoiling Jocelyn, they love to do that with all of their kids.
Lennox: "It's THE CLAW!!!"
Jocelyn *Gasp*

Lucy *Tickle Tickle*

Most days you will find Lanica asleep in the same room as Jocelyn,  I think they will be close when Jocelyn is older, Lanica already follows her everywhere.

Lanica: "Care to join me? This bed is purrr-fect."


  1. Cats and dogs don't use their beds unless directed. I deleted the pet beds for that reason. Your babies are getting so big! I love Jocelyn.

  2. I do too, I wasn't expecting Jocelyn, she was a surprise baby.. I made Lucy and Lynus try for a baby, I didn't hear the noise at the end so I didn't think she got pregnant so I decided that I wouldn't make them try again and a day or two later Lucy started showing :)