Monday, November 7, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 49

Lennox walked out of the hospital with a bouncing baby girl! Of course, Edwin was no where to be found.
Introducing, Kieran Baudelaire!

Rileh isn't too sure about the new addition, she wanted to be the only Baudelaire kid in the house.
Rileh: "Stinky baby..."

Lynus has been working on his painting skills, he is doing good, I guess.
Lynus: "Yep, it looks just like me."

Lanica stalked Rileh when she was a toddler but Skyrim is the one stalking her now, she loves to play.

Pretty kitty...

....clumsy kitty.

This horse runs through the yard at least every other day, if it keeps it up the Baudelaire's might have a horse.

I knew the time was getting close but I didn't want Ainsley to leave so soon!

Liam: "NO!!!"

Lucy: "I don't like this."
Ainsley was a wonderful wife, mother and grandmother, she will be missed very much.

Now this is just creepy. Couldn't he wait until he got back to the underworld to check himself out?

Soon after Ainsley passed, a good and happy event rolled around. It's time for Kieran's birthday!

Lucy: "YAYYY!!!"
Lennox: "It isn't that exciting, Lucy."

Three generations of happy, half-naked, crazy Baudelaire's.

Here is baby Kieran! She is adorable, I love her!
I can see Lennox and Edwin both in her. 

Since Kieran aged up I decided to add another bedroom onto the house, I replaced the upstairs sitting area with a bedroom for Lennox.

Kieran got to work on her skills, she is a smart little baby!

Lennox: "I love you, Kieran."
Kieran: "My Mommy is strange."

Lennox: "I'm going to hold on tight and never let you go, Kieran."

I swear, Lanica stalks every toddler in this house.
Lanica: "Hello."

It looks like there is another Baudelaire baby on the way! Don't you just love Baudelaire babies?

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