Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 52

This is completely normal, right?
At least it is at the Baudelaire house.

Lucy decided that it was time to teach her little girl to walk, she knew her bright little girl would learn fast.

Lucy: "I'm going to let go and you walk to me, okay?"

Lucy: "You are almost there, Jocelyn!"

Rileh *Sneaky Sneaky*

This is the first time Kieran and Edwin have seen each other, Kieran doesn't seem to happy about it.

Edwin: "Well, are you going to open the door?"
Kieran: "Why should I?"

Kieran: "It's YOU, Momma has told me about you."
Edwin: "Kieran, I never meant to leave you and your mother."
Kieran: "Tell it to someone else, I have to go to school."

Lennox: "What are you doing here, dirtbag?"
Edwin: "I want to right all of the wrongs, I realize now that I messed up when I walked out of yours and Kieran's life, I want to be part of it now."

Lennox: "So... you want to walk right back into our lives just like nothing ever happened, am I right?"
Edwin: "I'm not trying to say that I never did anything wrong, I did, I did something very wrong. I want to be there for you now, I didn't realize just how much you meant to me. Please, just give me one more chance?"

Lennox: "Okay, ONE more chance. If you mess this chance up you will never see me or Kieran again, you don't know how much I've missed you, I hated you for leaving but a big part of me missed you so much."

After talking for a while Lennox decided to let Edwin back into her life, she didn't realize that she was making a big mistake. Edwin has the trait "Commitment Issues" so he will never settle down and be the husband and father that he should be.

Edwin: "Wow, you are lookin' soooo good!"

Edwin: "I love you, Lennox, I have missed you so much. All of those women after you meant nothing to me."

Lucy: "Is their love making you as sick as it's making me?"

Lennox: "Wait... what?! All of the women after me? You were with other women?!"
Edwin: "Calm down, calm down! It's not like we were together!"
Lennox: "Get out! I should have know not to trust a dirtbag like you!"
Edwin: "Okay, just take a chill pill. I'll be back once you calm down."

Lucy: "Ughh... watching that made me sick."

On a good note, baby Jocelyn is potty trained!

The weirdness level in this house just went wayyy up.

Kieran is less than impressed that her Dad was in and out of her life just in the few short hours that she was at school.

Lennox started exercising to get her mind off of things with Edwin.

Lynus may be Insane but he is determined... He has completed his lifetime wish, he has maxed out his Guitar skill and Painting skill.
Congratulations to Lynus!


  1. Edwin is a jerk! I don't blame Lennox for not wanting him back. Kieran has a good mixture of both parents. Baby Jocelyn is really turning into a cutie!

  2. I was so glad about the screenshot I got of Kieran answering the door, it was just luck but it worked out perfect. Edwin will be back in a few chapters, Kieran is a good mixture of both of her parents, she looks like both of them.