Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 96

Caslyn: "Oh yeah, you're such a beautiful curtain."

Caslyn: "Oh, uh, hey... I didn't see you there."

Eureka: "I live with a bunch of idiots."

Cylee: "No, no, no... you aren't saying it right, Maddox!"

Cylee: "It's a small child, MY small child and it's drinking!"

Maddox: "Nommy, nom, nom. This stuff is amazing!"

Caslyn: "I'm a pro at this, look at me choppin' with one hand!"

Cylee: "Another birthday? Let's just get this over with."
Don't be too excited, Cylee!

These two make up for Cylee's lack of excitement! 

Presleigh: "Get your boobies out of my face, Mommy!"


Presleigh: "Whoa, that sparkly transformation felt weird!"

Caden: "Can you please get your face out of my area, I'm trying to do this stupid homework!"

Moody teenager.

Pibble: "Mr. Birdy will never see me here!"

*Sneaky Sneaky*
Catch it Pibble! I want to own it and call it Sonic the Hedgehog.

Cylee: "Maybe you will catch onto things faster than your brother, I'm going to let go of your hands and I want you to walk to Mommy!"

Presleigh is adorable! She reminds me so much of a young Kieran.

     Presleigh *Picks Nose*
     Maddox: "Is she about to put that in her mouth?!"
Presleigh: "So, you're positive he's related to me?"                               

Who is this fluffy kitty attacking our cat condo?

Meet the newest member of the Baudelaire family, Vegas!
I hope you don't judge him because of his first impression here, he has no shame.

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