Monday, April 2, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 97

Vegas: "What was that? You haven't forgotten about us?!"

Vegas: "Ahhh... Well, that's good to hear."

Cylee: "It's okay Presleigh, you don't need your awful Daddy in your life, you have a ton of crazy Baudelaire's to keep you company!"

Cylee: "Hey, I have a brilliant idea!"

Cylee: "Awww rats, I forgot it. What can I say? I'm forgetful."

Creepy guy in his underwear *Stalks*
Cylee *Chows Down*

Cylee: "Hey, so uh... care to explain why you were just in my house stalking me in your underwear?"

Cylee: "You're a secret underwear ninja spy?! Seriously?"

Brighton the Ninja Spy: "This girl is crazy, I love it!"

Well wait until you meet the rest of her family, you will fall head over heels for them since you love craziness! 

Cylee: "Ah derpy derp."
Nice Cylee, scare away the only person that will accept you and your crazy family.

Well it looks like Cylee scared away the ninja spy guy, time for Maddox to grow up!

Caden: "Woohoo, let's get this party started up in here!"
Jaxen: "Eugh, all these youngins' and their talk about woohoo, they are too young for that."
It wasn't that kind of woohoo, Jaxen...

Cylee: "It's behind me... having a birthday, isn't it?!"


Hey there little cutie! Maddox is so cute!

Turn the water on, now!

Cylee: "I thought you left. Well, thanks for staying and enjoying my  sparkle crazed family during my son's birthday. I hope you come back soon!"

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