Monday, March 12, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 90

Heather: "How did our arms get crossed in the few seconds I was getting my plate!?"
Cylee: "Chill, I'm trying to enjoy my sammich."

Cylee: "Nobody will come play with me."
*forever alone*

Or not!
Caden is here to play and save the day!

Cylee: "And then I was all out here alone thinking I was forever alone and then Caden walks by, she decided to play with me. Cousins FTW."

Hello there you goofy looking kitty, who are you?
Atiikus: "Who am I? I'm Attikus, your new colorful, fun loving kitty."

Attikus: "Hmmm... You're almost as colorful as me, let me sniff those pink spots of yours."
Eureka: "Strange colored cat in my house, I must resist urge to sniff. Who am I kidding? I must sniff!"

Pibble: "So, who are you and do you care to explain why you're colored like that?"
Attikus: "No time to explain right now, let me stare at you for a while and then I will explain how I got this way."

Attikus isn't the smartest kitty in Appaloosa Plains, or any where else, he's a bit clumsy.

Attikus: "You didn't see anything, okay."

Attikus: "Oh my gosh, feathers! I must attack the feathers!"

Caden: "WHY?! Why does Dad have to get older?!"
Caslyn: "Awesome cake, awesome birthday and then Caden has to get all emotional and put a dent in the birthday fun."

Caslyn: "Oh yeah, I can still rock this orange sweatshirt!"

Caslyn: "Why do I have to get older, why?!"
Because I have aging on, that's why.

Cylee: "I wish for a... for a... I dunno."

And Cylee will be our second generation 8 heir! I can't wait to see who she marries and her pretty babies, she looks a little bit afraid of what's to come.

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