Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 95

Cylee: "Don't worry Maddox, Mommy is going to take care of you and you won't have to deal with that mean Daddy of yours ever again unless you want to."

Caden: "Game time is NOW."

Caden: "Awesome!"
I have no idea what she's playing but when she starts floating in the air it makes me want to play.

SNAKE!!! Everybody run!
Pibble caught this snake and brought it inside.
Cylee: "Something doesn't feel right, oh my gosh this hurts sooo bad!"

Cylee: "Look at all of the sparkles! Suddenly everything seems right in the world!"

Cylee: "Welcome to the world baby girl!"

Introducing, Presleigh Baudelaire!
Even though her Dad isn't involved with her she is named after him.

Presleigh: "I throw my hands up in the air sometimes saying ayo!"

Sleeping siblings!

Cylee: "I swear, if Heather doesn't stop with that annoying thing I will go over there and... oh nevermind, let's get this show on the road!"


Jaxen: "Where in the world did that come from and what is it doing?"

Maddox: "You know what I'm doing here old man, I'm watchin' you."
The next few posts contain toddler cuteness, shield your eyes now if you think it's cuteness overload. 

Maddox: "Mommy, you look strange."

This swing is a life saver when you have a few babies, Maddox loves it!

Things just got weird around here, not that it wasn't weird already.

Maddox *Screams*
Caden: "Mwahahaha. I turn the speed on high and just watch the toddler scream, being evil never felt so good."

Maddox: *Screams More*
Heather: "Why did you do that, Caden?!"
Caden: "Sorry Mom, it was an accident..."

Pibble: "Nobody will ever find me under here!"
I love Pibble, she has outlived her kitten and her mate, Bleeker.