Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 91

Cylee: "Why do I have this feeling that something is watching me?"

Cylee: "It can't be. It's behind me isn't it?! Just act cool, act cooool."

Cylee: "I'll take one stalker fudge bar please!"
No Cylee! Never approach the stalker ice cream truck, now it will never leave!

Cylee: "Oh this is some goood ice cream right here, no wonder that thing stalks everybody with its sugary goodness."

Shhhh... It's a wild deer grazing near the bushes.

Cylee: "Yes, an awesome deer!"
You loud mouth, you scared it off!

Skyler: "I'm not feeling too great, I feel really weird."

Skyler: "Oh, this explains why I was feeling so weird."
How can you be so calm?!

Rest In Peace: Skyler Baudelaire
An amazing Sim that has accomplished a lot as a painter, wife and mother. She leaves behind many loved ones that will always love and remember her.

Caden: "I didn't even get to know you, Grandma!"

Parker: "My beautiful wife, this can't be happening!"

Cylee: "Why did you do this? I know you had something to do with this!"

With all of the sadness going on with Skyler's death nobody even realized that Dreyfus was in the next room having a birthday. Happy Birthday, Dreyfus!

Still a puppy at heart!

Heather: "Haha, take that Mr. Reaper!"

What is it with all of you wanting to play with death?!

Cylee: "Heather can't be beating the Reaper with a pillow, why is she doing that, WHY?!"

Cylee: "I think I'm gonna faint!"
You think? You faint at the drop of a hat, you coward.

Hey, what is this going on in my kitchen?
Do I smell young love?

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