Monday, March 5, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 88

Caslyn: "Must. Lose. Ten. Pounds!"
Wait, what is this doing in the middle of the kitchen?!

Caslyn: "I fail at exercising, I guess I should just stick to cooking."
That's right and while you're at it, get this thing out of the kitchen.

I was looking all over the house for Eureka and finally found her... going for a midnight swim!

Don't you just love this view? Everyone is fascinated with this tree, they try to gather around it all of the time.

Well, that's one way to eat your food.
Eureka: "Yep, it tastes so much better with paws and fur in it!"

I thought it was about time to check up on Alex and Ella and see how they are doing with their little families.
This is where Alex and his wife, Cortney, live with their baby girl Faye!

Cortney and Faye!
When I first went in the house Faye was laying on the floor with no crib in the house, great parents... not.

Little Faye is a spitting image of Cortney.

Time to visit Ella and her husband, whatshisname...
Ella lives here with her husband and his parents.

That's great parenting skills right there!

Baby Abner looks just like Alex! Who knew Ella would have a clone of her twin brother? I just love him!

Cylee: "Those flowers aren't purple, they stink."

Caslyn, are you sure you want to touch the inside of the stove and your pie with bare hands?!

Caslyn: "Durrr, that hot pie and stove kinda burnt my hands."
Oh really?

Caslyn: "Are you ready for your birthday, Caden? You're about to be a big girl!"

Baby Caden had a blast at her birthday blowing out all of her candles and growing up with sparkles!

Piper: "Did someone mention sparkles?!?"
Cylee: "Birfdayyy!!!"


It looks like Caden is already showing her 'Baudelaire-ness' just an hour into childhood. The Baudelaire's, they train their kids to be insane and clumsy at a young age.

Caden is still a Skyler clone! She is so beautiful, she looks nothing like Caslyn or Heather.
She will make pretty pretty generation 10 Baudelaire babies.

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