Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 93

Every time I look outside there's someone in this thing, they love it.

Bad dog, bad Nova!
At this rate we won't have any furniture left around here.

This stray cat died on the porch and decided it needed some after life sleep and it chose Nova's bed, Nova started to guard her bed with the ghost kitty in it and Cylee does what she does best... faints.
Ahhh, life with the Baudelaire's is full of craziness.

Caden: "Get out of my room, old man!"

*Squeals In Excitement*
I love watching their bellies grow!

Piper: "If anyone touches my cake they will never see cake again, I'm not joking."

Cylee: "Yes! Mom is getting older and you know what that means?! CAKE!"
Don't touch the cake, you heard what she said.

Piper: "I wish to... banish Heather and her craziness from my home!"

Really? With Master Controller it can be done easily.

Her gray hair still looks stunning with those bright green eyes, it feels like just yesterday Piper was just a little baby.

Can't. Contain. Excitement!
I can't wait for the next Baudelaire baby to be here!

Awwww... Their love has just grown stronger over the years, let's get moving so we can give them some privacy.

Cylee: "Old people love makes my stomach cramp!"
Umm... I don't think that's what is going on.

Cylee: "Oh my gosh, look at all of these prettiful sparkles, I'm in love!"

Cylee: "My precious sparkly baby boy."

Introducing, Maddox Baudelaire winking his way into this world!

Maddox: "I'm only a few seconds old and all of the ladies already love me."


  1. Where this dog bed (the black one) came from?

    1. Right here: :]