Friday, March 23, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 94

Cylee: "There you go baby Maddox, drink your toxic green bottle juice."

Cylee: "Who's my handsome little boy wrapped up like a little butterfly cocoon? Maddox is!"

Caden: "Hmmm... I wish to be heir!"
Wish granted!

Heather: "Go Caden! Get your sparkle on!"

Caden is a beautiful teenager! She does have some big hair though, I'm sure she will grow into it.

Cylee: "It's so dark out here!"
Don't faint, don't faint, please don't faint.

Attikus really shows his piggy trait, he really is a nasty kitty.

Heather: "Just rockin' out on my awesome guitar."
Heather is so good with the guitar!

Pibble: "Hey there Mr. floppy birdy on the wall, I punch you with my kitty paws!"
*pew pew*

Dreyfus: "I'm gonna get you, you better run!"
Nova: "I don't think so!"
Eureka: "My Mom and Dad are so embarrassing."

Cylee *Rubby Rubby*
Maddox isn't even days old and he already has a sibling on the way, I'm hoping for a girl this time!

Caden: "Pfft... don't you think we have enough people in this house? I'm tired of babies."

Caden: "I hate my Mom, she is so dumb... Scratch that, I hate everything."

Typical teenage behavior.

Caden: "My gosh, look at how bright that plate is!"

Cylee: "It's crying, why is it always crying?!?"

Presley: "Why don't you take care of Maddox and not let him just lay there and cry all of the time?!"

Presley: "You're a horrible mother, I feel bad for our other child!"
Cylee: "Calm down, you're scaring Maddox!"

Presley: "I'm not scaring him anymore than you are with your horrible mother skills."

Cylee: "Now you shut up and listen up!"
Presley: "Oww, why did you hit me?!"

Cylee: "I'm a wonderful mother, YOU are the one that is a horrible parent! All you do is sit on your butt all day and spend my family's money but not anymore, we are over! Get out, the kids are mine."

Cylee: "I'm not sure if I'm ready to be a single Mom to two babies!"

Caslyn = Stalker

It's almost baby time! Hopefully Cylee will be able to be a single mother but she's not alone, she has her whole family to help her.

Heather has been one of the most helpful and supportive people with Cylee and her pregnancy, she can't wait to meet the baby!

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