Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 5

Everleigh is a very moody toddler.

More toddler cuteness coming up, the cutest toddler in Sunset Valley.

Until she did that..

Mia: "So you see, the Little Dipper is coming to get us all."

Lleyne: "Uh huh, I see.. This girl is crazy, just act interested and maybe she will go away."

The day has come, Jake and Emily are now elders. I don't want them to grow old!

Emily was in the park grilling when I heard the Grim Reaper coming, I just knew it was Emily but luckily it was just some random Sim eating all of Emily's food, that is what they get for eating her food..

Lleyne: "Uhhh! There is something in my way!"

The twins aged up! They are turning into beautiful young ladies, especially Brodeigh.

Green hair and a green dress, somehow it still doesn't go together.

Brodeigh is kinda strange.. She got angry at the light for no apparent reason.

Lleyne: "Ahhh! More birthdays! So happy.."

Lleyne: "Yay!!"
Rhyann: "There are some strange Sims around here."
Rhyann: "Uh oh, oh no. The sparkles, they are taking over!"

Mia: "Would you two stop blowing and twirling those things?"

More family time for Jake and his girls.
Lleyne: "Haha, take that! By the way, your painting is ugly."
Jake: *Ignores*
Brodeigh: "Must stay focused, must stay focused.."

Baby Everleigh has aged up, still all pink and all girly girl.
Who do you think I will choose as heir to produce the third generation Baudelaire babies? I will choose in the next chapter.

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