Friday, September 30, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Introducing Generation 3!

The Baudelaire's are happy to introduce the third generation!!

And yet another baby girl, will the Baudelaire's ever have a boy?
The first baby of the third generation, is Brodeigh and Levi's baby.
Introducing, Millie Baudelaire!

FINALLY! The Baudelaire's have finally welcomed the first boy into the family.
Everleigh and Jacob are proud to show off their baby boy, Hudson Baudelaire!

Millie is so adorable, the third generation babies sure look like they will carry on those Baudelaire genes.

I have some very bad news.
Everleigh was fixing the dishwasher because she was the best at repairing things around the house so I thought she would be perfectly fine but I was wrong. She got electrocuted and Brodeigh tried everything to save her but it wasn't possible.

She leaves behind her baby boy, I wish he didn't have to grow up without his mom, Everleigh had such a promising future. After Everleigh's death Jacob just couldn't deal with much anymore so he decided to move away, he left Hudson in the care of Everleigh's sister, Brodeigh.
Little Hudson, I love those bright green eyes! His aunt, Brodeigh loves him so much and gives him all the love in the world.

The house got a little hectic after Everleigh's death so I completely forgot to announce Brodeigh's latest pregnancy and birth (sorry for that)
I would like to introduce you to another baby boy, Murphy Baudelaire!

Brodeigh quickly fell pregnant again, what can I say? The Baudelaire's love kids.

Millie is growing up so fast and turning out beautiful, she kind of reminds me of Everleigh..
Hudson, he looks so much like his dad, especially those green eyes.

Murphy carries on those bright blue Baudelaire eyes!

It's time, again!
As you can see Millie apparently inherited the Dramatic trait from her Grandpa, Jake.

Millie: "What do we do? WHAT DO WE DO???"
While Millie freaks out it's time for you to try to figure out how many babies there will be..1, 2 or 3?

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