Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 3

After the girls aged up they got right to business with a few fits, especially Lleyne.
Lleyne: "Someone clean up that stinkin' laundry on the floor!"
Rhyann: "Angry Birds, why you make me so angry?!"

Remeber in the last chapter Emily was pregnant again? Well she had her babies (Yes, more than one, again!) 
She had two more girls. This is little Brodeigh Baudelaire.
And her twin sister, Kyla Baudelaire. I can't believe they had two sets of multiples and all of them are girls.

Well, Emily has fallen pregnant, again.. Jake and Emily decided to try one more time for a boy, Jake longs for a little boy.

Rhyann: "Oh yeah.. I'm a rebel alright, fishing in the swimming pool!"

Cute toddler spam coming up..

Jake: "The claw is coming to get you!"

Brodeigh: "Someone get me out of here, now."

Well hello there!
Meet Abracadabra, the laundry gnome.
Emily found him hanging out in the dryer one day while she was doing laundry.

It's time! Time to find out if the last baby of the second generation will be a boy or girl!
Rhyann: "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!!"
Jake: "Whatever, I've seen this before..."
While Rhyann freaks out it is time for you to guess if it will be a boy or girl! Jake is hoping for a boy of course and Emily, well, Emily doesn't care.


  1. Think Jake will get his wish and have a son :) great chapter :)

  2. this is awesome!!! cant wait to find out