Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 6

Everleigh creeps me out just a little bit...

Jake: *Ignores*

Look! It's Abracadabra, it has been a while since he has made an appearance.

Birthday time again! Everleigh is growing up so fast!

She is soo pretty, her and Brodeigh are in a very close race for heir.

Time has passed and Jake has grown older, Jake passed away today. He was a great role model, father and husband. He will not be forgotten by anyone in Sunset Valley.

Emily was at the park and I heard the Grim Reaper again, I thought maybe it was another random Sim dying but I was wrong, very wrong.. I didn't think that Emily would die this soon after Jake, what are the Baudelaire kids going to do without their parents?
After the loss of Emily I decided that it was time to announce my heir for the next generation of Baudelaire's..
I've loved Brodeigh ever since she was born and I just knew it was going to be her but after Everleigh was born I just fell in love with that little girl, I had a dilemma on my hands but I knew it was time that I made a decision and here I offically announce my heir, it will be.. Brodeigh and Everleigh both! I could not choose so they will both stay in the Baudelaire household and raise their children together.

Things got a little boring around the house after all of the other girls moved out so Everleigh just spent her time staring at things..
Everleigh: "Oooh.. Look, a shiny key!"

Jake makes a visit every now and then.

No more handcuffs! No more handcuffs!
It wasn't long before Brodeigh met the man of her dreams at the little rally in front of City Hall, things moved fast and he moved in by the end of the week.

It seemed like they were married for 5 minutes before they got down to business on generation 3 babies and almost over night Brodeigh started showing.
When Brodeigh was about halfway through her pregnancy Everleigh announced that she was engaged! The new man in Everleigh's life was Jacob Callahan.

Soon after Jacob moved in Everleigh told Brodeigh the main reason she got engaged was because she was also expecting a baby,  I can't wait for both of them to deliver their babies just days apart.
Brodeigh, our older 2nd generation heiress.

And Everleigh, the younger 2nd generation heiress.

This is Brodeigh's husband, Levi Tamblyn!

And Everleigh's Fiance, Jacob Callahan!

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  1. I love Everleigh,she makes me laugh with her absent mindedness he he keep up the good work I just wanted to say that.