Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 2 (Introducing Generation 2!)

Emily and Jake ended up bringing three baby girls home from the hospital, it looks like they are going to need more cribs!
Introducing Mia, Lleyne, and Rhyann Baudelaire!
Boy do I have my work cut out for me or should I say Jake and Emily do.

They brought the girls home and quickly settled into a routine. Jake was at work most of the time trying to make a life for him and his little family while Emily was at home with the girls getting them off to the best start in life as possible.

The infant days didn't last long before the girls were toddlers, three screaming, angry toddlers.

Lleyne, Rhyann and Mia!

Little Lleyne all decked out in her favorite color, blue!

Rhyann absolutely loves her bottles!

While Mia loves her activity table and eating blocks!

Jake got a few days off so he spent almost every waking minute with his baby girls, he couldn't believe that he was blessed with such beautiful and healthy babies.

The girls were growing so fast, they quickly started feeding themselves, walking, talking and learning to use the potty.

Most babies scream when they are in their crib but not Rhyann, she loves crib time.

You can tell Emily is an all around family Sim, she loves her little girls.

Jake and Emily barely get to spend any alone time together since they had the girls but when they do, Emily brings up some strange conversations.
Emily: "So, uhh.. Jake, do you like to exercise?"

Apparently Jake and Emily have been making a little extra time to spend together.. Emily has another bun in the oven!

Since there will be a new baby arriving soon they decided that an addition to their house would be a good idea, 2-bedrooms and 1-bath just was not going to work with 4 kids and 2 adults.

The diaper days quickly came and went for the Baudelaire household, before Jake and Emily knew it the girls were having a birthday, they aged up into beautiful young girls!

- Lleyne -

- Rhyann -

- Mia -


  1. I am loving how colorful you make your Sims and definitely admire you for not using any cheats. I'll be up all night getting caught up!

  2. Thank You!
    I had to assign certain colors to all of them because it was hard to tell them apart at first ;)

  3. I have to colour code when i have triplets too!! Love your story so far!! You're a great writer!!

  4. I'm on chapter 153 so far but I wanted to come back and see the Baudelaire's at the beginning, your story-telling has improved and you've added more humour. I can't wait to see the sims at Generation 50!